DIY how to macrame: cord length for knots, cord measurements

Alright, let’s dive right in and get your hands knotty! ??


Hello fellow Macrame enthusiasts! ??
Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just dipping your toes into the world of knots, one question often pops up: How much rope do I need for my Macrame project? Today, as your guide, Aubrey, I’ll spill the beans on my top tips to make sure you never run short! ???

Measuring Up Your Macrame Cord
Ever wondered how to gauge that perfect length? Well, the general rule of thumb is to go for a cord that’s about four times the length of your final design. When you’re doubling it up with a Lark’s Head Knot (which essentially gives you two cords), shoot for eight times the length! ????

When picking the length:
– Heavy on knots? Grab some extra rope! ??
– Going for straight cords? Trim it slightly! ??
– Working with a chunky cord? More length needed! ??
– Remember, braided and 3-ply cords eat up more length per knot compared to a single strand cord. ??
– If unsure, better to err on the side of caution: cut generously! And don’t forget a little extra for that cute fringe at the end! ????

Switching Up Cord Thickness
Planning to deviate from the specified cord thickness in a pattern? Adjust accordingly! Switching between 4mm to 5mm or vice-versa? There’s a nifty calculation table on Mary Maker Studio’s website that can be your savior. ????

Let’s Talk Basics!
If Macrame feels like Latin to you, don’t sweat! It’s a breeze once you get the hang of it. Dive into my beginner’s guide and you’ll be knotting away in no time! ????

Crunching the Knot Numbers
Looking for precision? Measure the length consumed by a single knot and scale it up for your entire project. My personal tip? Keep a notebook handy with measurements for various cord types and sizes. ?????

The Go-To Cord for Macrame
Here’s the secret sauce: most of us swear by high-quality cotton ropes. Why? It’s durable, enhances the aesthetics of your work, and those fringes at the end? Just unravel and voilà! ??

Types of cotton ropes:
– Single strand ??
– Braided (typically 6 strands or more) ??
– Twisted (often referred to as 3-ply) ??

Shoutout to Bobbiny Cords
Personal favorite alert! Bobbiny cords are vibrant, silky smooth, eco-friendly, and a joy to work with, especially for beginners! ????

Choosing the Perfect Cord Diameter
Considering rope thickness? I usually advocate for a standard medium-sized Macrame cord, ideally 3-5mm. They’re versatile and perfect for home decor. However, if you’re designing a grand masterpiece, you might want to venture up to 8mm. But, remember, thicker cords = heavier projects! ???

As for the mini wonders like bracelets? Stay below 2mm. And if you’re ever in doubt, check out my Macrame Supplies Guide! ???

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100k+ members, countless knotting enthusiasts, and me, Aubrey! Join us to share, learn, and revel in the world of Macrame. ????

Picking the Perfect Rope
Quality matters! Especially for beginners, you want something gentle on your fingers and forgiving when you err. Starting off? Opt for patterns using at least 4mm ropes. And talking brands? You can never go wrong with soft cotton Macrame ropes from professionals like Bobbiny! ??

Jumpstart with DIY Projects
To make your journey smoother, I’ve curated a list of DIY projects complete with video tutorials! Dive in, measure right, and start knotting! ????

Where to Source the Best Ropes
Looking for the ideal Macrame supplies? Dive into my Macrame Supplies Shopping Guide to get the best cords, ropes, and more! ?????

Key Details Insights
General Cord Length 4x the project length
Lark’s Head Knot Cord Length 8x the project length

DIY how to macrame: cord length for knots, cord measurements

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