DIY Macrame Bag Tutorial for Beginners

Hey there, Macrame Enthusiasts! It’s Aubrey here!


Are you eager to dive into the mesmerizing world of macrame and craft a stunning Square Knot Macrame bag all by yourself? Look no further, I’ve got the perfect beginner-friendly guide for you – packed with crystal-clear photos and easy-peasy written guidelines. ✨

DIY Macrame Bag Extravaganza

Hold onto your crafting hats, folks! Not just one, but two absolutely stunning DIY Macrame bag patterns are up for grabs! I’m totally obsessed with making these, and after sharing a few snaps on Instagram, the love and requests for tutorials poured in. So, here we are!

Mallorca Sunset-Inspired Bag

Ever been captivated by the jaw-droppingly beautiful pink sunsets in Mallorca? That’s exactly what inspired the hues of my ombre Macrame bag. It’s like carrying a piece of those warm summer evenings with you, wherever you go!

And speaking of Mallorca, the rosy design of another bag is a nod to its vibrant Mediterranean flowers, like the Bougainvillea. Just picture how adorbs it’ll look alongside your summer frocks!

Macrame for Everyone!

You’re probably thinking there’s a complex pattern lurking in there somewhere, right? But guess what? This bag is crafted using only Square Knots! Yep, you read that right. So even if you’re a newbie just dabbling with the basics, you’re good to go!

Dying to add a splash of color to your creations? I’ve got you covered! My multi-shade weaving techniques will help you nail that dreamy ombre effect for all your macrame wonders. Ready to embark on this knotting journey?

Snag Your DIY Macrame Bag Guide

Want to show some love and ensure our bustling 100k-member community stays active and free? Nabbing a Happy Knotting Macrame pattern would be fab! Trust me, it’s crafted with budding artists in mind.

Here’s what you’ll get with the downloadable PDF from my Etsy Store:

– Detailed, step-by-step instructions complemented by photos to finish your bag (PDF: 14 pages)
– A thorough Macrame Knot Guide brimming with tips and pics to master those popular knots (PDF: 16 pages)
– A super handy online shopping list for all the essentials
– Exclusive access to our private Group: Happy Knotting for all the support and motivation you need

Oh, and just a heads-up, this stylish bag doesn’t come with inner-lining or straps, and the fringe is tucked inside.

Essentials for Your DIY Macrame Bag

Curious about what I used for my Macrame Bag? Here you go:

Macrame Cords:
– Bobbiny’s 5 mm Single Twist Cords in 4 unique shades
– Total Cord Length needed: 107.4 m/352 ft

For the Ombre Bag: Shades used are Pastel Pink, Blush, Blossom, Dusty Pink
For the Pink Bag: Shades are Naturel, Blush, Blossom, Dusty Pink

Tools you’ll need:
– Fiskar Scissors
– Pointy Embroidery Scissors
– Tape Measure
– Masking Tape

– Clothing Rack

Craving for more? Check out my Macrame Supplies Shopping Guide to explore my top picks for cords, tools, and other essentials! ️

Beginner’s Macrame Paradise

Hungry for more patterns? I’ve got a treasure trove of beginner-friendly designs waiting for you! Dive into my Macrame Earring tutorial or the Macrame Hat Hanger guide, and unleash your creativity!

Remember: Once you’ve crafted your masterpieces, don’t forget to flaunt them on Instagram using #macramenation and tagging @macramenation. Can’t wait to see your creations and give you a shout-out!

Table of Important Details:

Pattern Type Square Knot DIY Macrame Bag
Inspiration Mallorca sunsets & Mediterranean flowers
Difficulty Beginner-Friendly
Total Cord Length 107.4 m/352 ft
Available on Etsy

Cheers and Happy Knotting! ✌️

DIY Macrame Bag Tutorial for Beginners

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